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The mission of the Garland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to promote businesses that add value to the community.


  • The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Garland is a volunteer business organization that invests their time and money in a community development program that, working together, enhances the cultural, civic and economic wellbeing of the area.
  • Any business that is interested in the development of Garland, meets the requirements to be an investor of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Garland.
  • The work of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Garland is financed by the investment of the businesses that maintain it based on their ability to pay and their interest in the progress of the city.
  • The chamber is composed of committee workers, directors and officers who work without a payment.

Garland’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

It works through committees developed by the organization and by those who have invested in the organization, to improve the viability of the city’s businesses and strengthen the community in general.

Action plans are designed, through studies of community needs, echos by the organization, to create a work program. The purpose of the work programs is to raise the economy and the welfare of the community.

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